Smart Fuel Consumption Monitoring System

Smart Fuel Consumption Monitoring System(FCMS)


In general, transport company’s essential factors are to maintain the economic fuel usage and avoiding fuel theft in their belonging vehicles. The fuel theft is a major factor that affects the revenue generation of the transport company. Our smart fuel consumption monitoring system helps the transport companies to have stable economic fuel consumption and also avoiding fuel theft. Our product is based on monitoring the fuel consumption of truck in real time. Our product is installed in trucks of the transport companies. The FCMS sensor unit read the amount of fuel consumption in truck and sends the data through wireless to web application using GPRS technology. The transport company can access the web application via internet using computers or using personal PDA’s with authentication. Our product helps the transport companies to track the fuel consumption of many trucks at the same time. Sometimes there might be a chance that truck went to outer sides of the cities where no network signal available to send the data to web application at that time our smart system understands that no network signal available and store the fuel consumption data in inbuilt memory. If the truck went to network signal region again then it sends the all stored data to web application and refresh the memory. Our web application shows the fuel consumption of different truck in dynamic graph representation. If sudden change in fuel consumption there we can understand that occurrence of fuel theft.

  • Has inbuilt memory.
  • Automatic network detection.
  • More accurate fuel consumption monitoring.
  • Uses Internet via GPRS technology.
  • Powered by strong embedded processor.
  • Web application handles many trucks data at same time.
  • Easy to install.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Various size of fuel sensor for different kind of vehicles.
  • Web application has responsive design to support with many devices like desktop, laptop, mobiles and tablets.
  • Works at DC 12 Volts.
  • Works at 100 °C temperature environments.
  • Inbuilt memory 2GB.
  • Sensor accuracy ±0.1%.